(me and tim)


1 toddler.

1 baby.

a full time mom.

maybe if i have to write my story now in 10 sec, thats what i would do. i write this post after twice watching the movie 'intern' with anne hathaway and robert de niro as the lead actress + actor. this post is my first post after my blogging-absence since 2015. being a mom to an active toddler and handling the houseworks are really take my time, many times i grumbling but somehow God speak to my heart that i have to be thankful rather than complain or depressed. when i decided to take a 'silent' its really helped me a lot, means i push the pause button on my mind - i try not to thinking because i'm thinking all the time and what i am thinking are mostly ended with worrines and negativity.

sometimes i remember the past years when i still worked in the company, busy with the datelines and works. i have to admit, sometimes i missed those time. but my husband, S, always say to me that we do not live in the past, so take down all the thinking that may adding a new burden in my mind. i think its true. i am a over thinking person while S is the opposite, he is like a calm sea but his wife a.k.a me is kinda like a messy unpredictable heavy rain (maybe with storm and thunders, lol).

i'm writing this to remind me i should be thankful more and more.
God already blessed me with the best gifts I can have.

Little quote i write :

being a married woman - i have to be thankful.
being a mom to two beautiful childrens - i have to be more thankful.
being a full time mom - i have to say i have the best job in the world.

10 sec.

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